Line Apps

Line Apps

Line for PC is not the only app developed by the Japanese multinational. To Line is accompanied by multiple applications so that the user can perform any function with your smartphone. From the famous application of selfies B612, Line Play for fun playing with your friends, passing by Line Antivirus to protect your Smartphone, until Line Greeting Card to design the best cards of congratulation. All these and many more Line applications developed so that you have all the tools you need on your Smartphone with Line Tools, Snapmovie and many more apps available for download in the official website.

Line Camera, B612 and Line Deco

B612 line camera line deco apps

Line@ is another account over Line and is available to all our customers can also use it to share information and promote your business well.
Line Camera has more than 5000 options including filters, frames, stamps, text font and others. Each week we provide stamps for free.
B612 has become the soul selfies app. Uses random, selfiesmovies filters in addition to the multi-socket so you can save the file wonderful photographs.
Deco Line offers the possibility to beautify your smartphone with LINE characters. This is an app through which you can customize the design you want to have on the screen of your terminal, you can choose the one you like best among thousands of icons and wallpapers.

Emoji Line appsEmoji LINE is a keyboard for your Smartphone and has more than 3000stikers and emoji for free. Convert your chats in something active. Download the app and add Emoji LINE as the default iOS keyboard keyboard settings.

Line Antivirus and SnapMovie

line antivirus line snaomovie

Line Antivirus: With this application you can remove viruses and malware on your mobile with it will protect all your personal information.
SnapMovie Line: If you like movies with this app you can create and edit movies so easy as you want using this filter, motion titles and background music.

Line Greeting Card, Line Play and Line Tools


Line Greeting Card is the app that can be used in celebrations, birthdays or important events to share with yours.
With Line Brush you can discover your artistic side. You can make paintings with your fingers and you will be amazed with the creations that you will make. With your pictures you can make unique drawings.
Line Tools is an app that has all the tools you need.
Line Play is that app through which you can decorate as you wish your avatar like you room, plus chats and have fun with your friends original games with Line Play.

Line-here-appsWith the app Line Here you will know where are your friends, partner or family, and have the ability to share locations with those you want in real time.popcorn-Buzz-line-appsWith Popcorn Buzz app you can make group calls with up to 200 people and thus will be closer to friends and family. Enjoy this new application!.


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Line for PC download

Line for Computer

Line for PC on your computer. You know how to install Line for your computer and make free calls from the United States to other countries in Europe, India, Indonesia or other countries of Asia.

 Line for computer - Line for PC

Line for PC, Line for Windows, Windows 8 and Line for Mac

Line for PC is the instant messaging application for your computer. Line of Japanese origin, offers us new features that other apps do not have.

Learn how to install Line for computer. You know all the applications that Line Naver has on its official website. A set of applications renovated. Apps such as Line Camera, B612 (the app to capture the style selfies Retrica for Android), Line Card, Line Tools, Line Antivirus, Deco Line, Line Brush, Line Play or Line SnapMovie (to create videos of remembrance for 30 seconds). All of these apps to complement Line for PC.

Line for computer is available in several versions. We can download Line for Windows, Line for Windows 8 and Line for Mac. All of them from the official website of the developer. Completely free of charge. Don’t expect more to install line on your computer. You know how to install line in your Mac with Bluestacks for Mac. OR if you prefer Bluestacks installed in your PC and install other apps for Android along with Line.

Line exceeds 400 million users. Only 50 million users in Japan. For this reason there are many users who want to install Line for PC and be able to stay in touch with your friends and family. You know of other alternatives to install line on your computer. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy hundreds of fun emoticons and new stickers.

B612 creates selfies and share them with Line for PC

Line for PC already has an app for capturing selfies. B612 is the name of the application that we can use to create selfies. B612 allows you to perform selfies and apply different filters to improve your photography. You have many filters to retouch your selfies.

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