Application to draw in photos with Notes in iOS 11

Application to draw in photos with Notes in iOS 11

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The big update that is iOS 11 has caused a major change in the operation of some of the applications installed by default in the terminals. From the App Store to the Notes, it has been appreciated how the Cupertino have updated their mobile operating system with functions that were already missing, as they were lagging behind in the applications of the competition.

Today we will talk about the Notes app. This time is related to our photographs. It is a very fun thing to organize the photographs because it is always entertaining to fill them with scribbles.

Coon the new update of Notes application you can draw in all your photos without any problem. For this you only have to drag an image from any compatible font with the new drag and drop gesture on a note.

Another way is to touch the + icon that you will find in one of the corners and then to Fototeca to select the one that you like more. The way you do it is to your liking to each client.

When you have performed this operation you will only have to touch it, and select the icon with a marker in the upper right corner. From here you can draw everything you want in your photos. To save, just touch the OK icon that you will find in the corner.

When you discover it you will see that it is something really simple and you will enjoy it very much. What are you waiting to try it!

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