Line : Calls and free messages

Line : Calls and free messages

You can download or install the app Line for PC

Line:mensajes y llamadas gratuitas
The app Line has a few advantages of which you can enjoy with friends, family or your partner. Then you relate some of them:

1 – You can send FREE messages whenever you want

Line:mensajes y llamadas gratuitas
Enjoy free messages instantly at any time and from any place. You can chat privately, create groups and invite all your friends. Is compatible with the terminals iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry,Nokia Asha OS and PC.

2 – Video and free voice calls

Line:mensajes y llamadas gratuitas
Through video and voice calls in real time and free you can feel closer to you to the loved ones who are far away. Now you can really olvídarte distances. Is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry (voice call), Windows Phone and PC (Windows and Mac OS).
3 – Find a new way of communicating with the stickers of line

Line:mensajes y llamadas gratuitas
It is true what the said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words for this reason we offer you more than 10 000 types of stickers different.In our shop of stickers you will find a large range of famous people, including to the charismatic Moon, Cony, Brown, James, Jessica and Sally.

4 – You can share photos, videos and voice messages
With it you can send pictures, videos, voice messages, numbers of terminals and until the data on the place where you are.
5 – Get the latest news of the artists, the best products in addition to get coupons
Add as friend the account journal of your artist or favorite program and you will be aware of the exclusive news that only line has. It also you can get coupons!
6 – Without initial costs, or subscriptions, or connection fees.
You will have flat rates no matter where you call from.
¡To these waiting to download the app Line!

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