Lock the apps and services preinstalled of Samsung without root

Lock the apps and services preinstalled of Samsung without root

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Como Bloquear apps

Now  you can disable or lock the apps and services preinstalled on Samsung Handsets without accessing the root in your terminal.

The most reaches bothering to buyers of Android devices is the installation of apps of series that we are not going to use. With a little luck these applications can be removed easily using the system settings which sometimes is not allowed.

This is sometimes pressing on devices from Samsung. It should be recognized that in the latest models many of these apps, not all, can be uninstalled in a simple way.

Como Bloquear apps

For those apps that cannot be bypassed or even for services that are not properly apps there are third-party programs on the Google Play Store with which we can disable in particular those functions that we are not going to use and that are in the background in addition to spend battery or system resources.

The proposal is proud to identify more than 100 apps preinstalled on many devices from Samsung that are not precisely indispensable.

We can even export the list of applications that we disabled for later re-enable them in the event that we want. And of course we have a search engine to locate exactly that package that we want to block.

Although they are not face itself is of payment and its cost is low.

Adhell, the option more drastic

If the first option does not convince us you can use Adhell. This is something more aggressive although it a list of permissions that long, also has the advantage that it is free of charge, so if you do not want to pay for an app of this type is a good option.

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