The 10 ploys of iOS 10 to enjoy your iPhone to maximum

The 10 ploys of iOS 10 to enjoy your iPhone to maximum 

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 10 trucos aprovechar tu Ipad

  1. Flash

 10 trucos aprovechar tu IpadYou can make the LED light to flash your iPhone to turn on each time that you receive a notification or a call. It is useful if you are in silence. To activate this option, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and enables “Notices flashing LEDS”.

  1. Airplane mode

10 trucos aprovechar tu IpadIt will be more useful than you think because when you activate it your iPhone charge its battery more quickly.

  1. Search tabs in Safari

10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadIf you put your iPhone in a horizontal position (landscape) you will see as the tabs of Safari are organised in a way much more efficient and in the upper left corner you will find a search field to find a specific web page.

  1. Web Addresses

10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadTo copy a web address you must keep your finger pressed on the address bar of Safari. If you have already copied a link in advance, you can keep your finger pressed on the address bar to “paste and go” automatically.

  1. To draw and write in pictures

10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadOpen the app photos, select the photo you want to edit, press the edit button in the shape of three parallel lines, please tap on the circle button with three points in the upper left corner and enjoy a new set of tools.

6. Brightness of LED flash
10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadYour iPhone account with 3D Touch because hallucinates changing the intensity of the leds on the flash keeping your finger pressed on the icon of the flashlight in the Control Center of iOS 10.

7 . Open the Camera application

10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadUse the function Raise to wake bringing the device to turn on the screen, slide your finger to the left to open the camera. Is fast and ideal for photographers and instagramers.

8. Assign ringtones

10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadWith iOS 10 you can assign different ringtones to each one of your contacts. Enters in the Contacts application, press Edit and find the option of ringtones. You can also add the songs you have downloaded.

9. Relationships in Siri
10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadYou can teach to Siri to learn all your relations: relatives, friends or partner and for this he only is pedirás “recalls that Sara is my partner” and “Andrés my head”.

10. Voice Dictation of Siri

10 trucos aprovechar tu ipadYou will be able to make Siri you read any text on the screen of your iPhone in Settings > General > Accessibility > read > read screen.


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