The best covers for your iPhone X

The best covers for your iPhone X

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Las mejores fundas para tu iPhone X

From November 3 will be released to the market the new iPhone X of the Apple company. The next-gen device of the Cupertino firm has a surprising design and various new features at the hardware level.

Although the company has had some problems with the manufacturing process of the device, the iPhone X reservation period was enabled a few days ago.

If you plan to buy the new iPhone X, if you have reserved it or if you are one of the lucky few that already have it in your hands we recommend you to buy a good case to protect it to the maximum, next we relate some of them.

Cases and covers for Apple iPhone X

1 – Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid

Las mejores fundas para tu iPhone X

It is a bumper case for the iPhone X is made of polycarbonate. In addition to having an air cushion technology that will protect the device from any shock or fall. It has a hole for the side button and buttons for volume.

Price: 9.99 €

2 – Liquid Crystal by Spigen

Las mejores fundas para tu iPhone X

The transparent Crystal Crystal case from Spigen offers a thin protection with silicone gel, with lenses and screens. It has an internal dot pattern to avoid spots and bubbles in the back. Its covered buttons are protected and are easy to feel.

Price: 7.99 €

3 – iVoler Slim Fit

Las mejores fundas para tu iPhone X

It is a case made with a very soft material that will protect the iPhone X from any shock. It’s very thin, and it’s transparent. It has holes for the camera, the flash, the interior speakers, the Lightning connector and the side buttons.

Price:  7.01 €

4 – Hoco Bumper Case

This case is super resistant and is made with carbon fiber and has a pattern on the cover for complete protection. It is anti scratch, anti-fingerprint and is super light. It is just 0.8 millimeters thick and weighs 8 grams.

Price:  9.99 €

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