The iOS 11 Beta 4 Public Download

The iOS 11 Beta 4 Public Download

Enjoy all the new Line Ipad with your friends

iOS 11 beta 4
Apple released iOS 11 Beta 5 for developers and released the corresponding beta for the public in general, the iOS 11 Beta 4.
1 – Messages in iCloud: from now on you can no longer save the history of iMessage in iCloud to free up space on your iOS device or Mac. It is very likely that this feature back on future updates, time is unaware of the reasons to operate this way.
iOS 11 beta 42 – Icon Music of control center: The Music application of the Control Center has been redesigned with a new indicator that list the output form, as can be speaker, AirPods or AirPlay , if you click on it you can select to what connect much easier and quicker than before.
3 – Settings: The icon for settings has been modified, you no longer have a gray background will be black so that the gear seem more profound.

iOS 11 beta 44 – Camera: the camera icon has also changed toward something simpler than the current, more minimalist.

iOS 11 beta 45 – Recording of screen: when you are recording the screen of the iPhone or iPad, the indicator bar at the top of the screen changes to red instead of being blue, to make it more noticeable.
6 – Calendar: The calendar buttons have been optimized to work with a single tap.
7 – Photos: photos in portrait mode will not change when you press “Edit”

How to install iOS 11 Beta 4 Public?

iOS 11 beta 4As always. It is not recommended to install the beta on your main terminal since are treated updates with failures to be in test mode. If you decide to do you need to perform a backup in iTunes or iCloud.
To install the betas public you must enroll in the program of Apple of betas public and you will need your Apple ID.
Once registered, you will have to configure the profile and download the beta over-the-air via Settings > General > software updates.

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