The new Kindle Oasis with larger screen and waterproof

The new Kindle Oasis with larger screen and waterproof

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nuevo Oasis-01
The Amazon company wants the spending on its more premium equipment to be better justified and has wanted to launch a new generation of such e-book reader.
The 2017 edition of the Kindle Oasis features a larger 7-inch screen that now fits 30% more text than before, a unibody metal body and is water-resistant! In addition to its price has gone down.

Features of the new Kindle Oasis

Amazon has maintained the essence of the terminal with a thinness that remains extreme on one side (3.4 mm) and a kind of elongated hump on the other. He may look unbalanced, but in a single hand he continues to feel comfortable and very easy to catch. The resolution remains at 300 dpi and includes twelve LEDs for even illumination.

The new Oasis is betting on an E-Ink screen of more than 6 inches, considering that the bulky Kindle DX had a screen of 9.7 inches, a model too expensive and difficult to handle in the hand.

To obtain an e-book that continues to be very portable and compact the company has reduced the size of the Oasis bezels to compensate for the increase of the frame. The case is another detail that must be highlighted because it is made of aluminum, first time for the Kindle line because last year the Oasis bet on a galvanized metal alloy on a standard plastic housing.

The frame is larger so it makes the terminal heavier -194 grams, compared to the 131 grams of its predecessor.

The new Oasis will not be as light as the previous model however it is comfortable and very robust. Quality that will make you more secure and calm when you are in the pool with him. After many years the company Amazon has ceded and conferred to its Kindle the IPX8 qualification, reason why it will support dives of up to two meters of water during a maximum 60 minutes.

Amazon has managed to fit a larger battery into the Oasis, capable of holding up to six weeks of reading time. The latest model had two weeks of autonomy alone, and its leather case added six more.

The new Kindle Oasis with larger screen and waterproof

Old Oasis on the left and new on the right

There are new features within this Kindle as your support for audiobooks. You can connect it to any Bluetooth audio device and change very simply between the spoken version of a book and the text version you will need to buy the Audible and Kindle versions of the same book separately.

Amazon has incorporated some essential accessibility features into the new Oasis. You can make the screen turn black and white, giving it a black background and white text to make it more comfortable to read at night; it has an additional font size and other settings to customize the text and take better advantage of the new screen.

The new Kindle Oasis with larger screen and waterproof

It has been improved up to the speed of page passing in a fraction of a second faster than the last model.

Price of the new Kindle Oasis 2017

The new Oasis starts from  249.99€ for the 8GB version of storage. There is a model of 32 GB of space for 279.9 €. The Oasis with 32 GB Wifi + 3G costs 339.9€


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